XSC220P 1/8 Pro Competition esc


Premier 1/8 competition racing esc with a gourmet of advanced throttle and brake adjustments that the experienced racer can appreciate and use to get to the front                                                                                    Latest FET technology greatly enhances the low end response and overall drivability

The esc of choice for Dakotah Phend

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  • 220 amp High Output mosfets
  • 1000 amp burst
  • Extremely powerful adjustable voltage 8 amp BEC
  • Features highly developed firmware for unmatched throttle and brake control
  • Many fully programmable parameters for advanced fine tuning that is tuned quick and simple with a separate XSC program device
  • CNC aluminum case features heat reduction technology for cooler running operation
  • High Speed fan included
  • eXtreme durability in rough environments
  • Stealth all black wiring and case with silver accents

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220 amp continuous / 1000 amp burst
Input Voltage – 2-6s
Motor – 2 pole / 4 pole full sensored operation
Up to 64 degrees Boost Timing and 64 degrees of Turbo Timing [Independent]


Fully compatible with most any brand of sensored motor


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