Warranty & Liability

Every PRO PERFORMANCE RC product is manufactured to the highest degree of workmanship with only the best of materials utilized. You can expect to find a much higher level of quality control here as every product is tested for proper operation at the time of production before it leaves the factory and/or the race shop. We provide an exceptional warranty for every product line and also strive to offer the very best after sales support in the industry. Contact us for any warranty assistance ever and for complete details. PRO PERFORMANCE RC cannot control the use or misuse of the high-end racing products and assumes no responsibility or liability in the case of fire or other property damage as well as physical or personal injury. The purchaser accepts all responsibility and cannot hold PRO PERFORMANCE RC responsible for any damage or injury resulting from the use or purchase of any product. Warranty will never exceed the original value of the product. Always follow every instruction that is included with the products. RC race vehicles are not toys and should not be treated as such. Never leave an electronic speed control plugged into a battery while not in use. Over time it will under discharge the battery. Lithium polymer battery fires are a very serious situation. Never charge or discharge a lithium polymer battery while leaving it unattended. Always use an approved fire proof container for charging and discharging as well as storing any lithium polymer battery.

Return Policy

Customers have 30 days to return unopened merchandise for any reason. Opened electronics cannot be returned whatsoever. In the case of warranty, an appropiate repair or replacement will be performed.



Pro Performance Rc racing servos have a 5 year warranty should anything occur verified by the damaged servo along with your sale record. The prorated details below are…

First Year-Full Replacement

Second Year-Half Price

Third Year-$50 Off

Fourth Year-$35 Off

Fifth Year-$25 Off

(based on MAP Value at the time of Replacement and if a model becomes discontinued the applied warranty will go to the superseded model)